Saturday, June 3, 2023
Registration Now Available

Grab your pals and plan your ride!

Enjoy a day of cycling, pizza and beer at Twin Cities Pizza Lucé locations.

Plan Your Route

Ride bike paths and city streets to all or a few of our 8 Twin Cities locations.

Tour de Lucé Passport

After registration you'll be emailed information to activate your Tour de Lucé Mobile Passport where you can map your ride, view menus on the day of the ride and use coupons for food, beverages and swag.

Kid Friendly

A family friendly event! Bring kids who like urban cycling. Expect vehicle traffic on city streets.

The Ride Starts at 8am

Our locations will be staffed outside for the Tour from 8am-4pm. Most riders will ride between that time.  You may start or end after these times.

Go the Distance

Most Lucé restaurants are 4-5 miles apart, if you plan on seeing all 8, you'll ride between 70-80 miles.

The Day Of

Your registration includes coupons redeemable for pizza, beer, soft drinks and other snacks. Vegan and gluten-free options are available!

Frequently asked questions...

When you register for Tour de Lucé you’ll receive access to the Tour de Lucé web app passport, that you can redeem for pizza, beer and n/a beverages. Your Individual registration includes: 8 tour tickets redeemable for pizza slices, canned beer, soda or bottled water during the ride, and a swag bag with goodies from our partners.
During Tour de Lucé, all metro locations with have a vegan slice available for riders. Gluten-free guests can redeem five tickets for a gluten-free specialty pizza. We also have gf alcoholic and n/a beverages and some rider snacks are gluten-free.
All pre-registered riders will receive access to the Tour de Lucé web app passport (a few weeks before the ride), Tour de Lucé water bottle and a few little surprises from our sponsors!
We expect about 1000 riders for this year.